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In the process of current and major repair of oil and gas wells, as well as in other washing pressure driving works, it is designated for injecting various fluids into the wells.
The device is mounted on a T-170 tractor base
It includes a high-pressure triple-plunger pump, transmission, manifold, auxiliary piping and control system. The movement of the pump is transmitted from the engine of the tractor. The device has a pump and manifold heating system with engine exhaust gas.

The acquisition of high pressure allows for a wide range of pressure washing operations, and the base of the unit (tractor) provides for off-road operations.

Səmərəli güc, kVt


Maksimal təyziq, MPa


Maksimal ideal verim , dm3/s


Maksimal daxili diametr


sorucu xəttin


basqı manifoldunun


Əndazə ölçüləri, mm


Ümumi çəki, kq


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