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Polad Techno: Your Reliable Partner

Welcome to Polad Techno, your reliable partner in achieving excellence in oil and gas processing products, construction and metallurgy. With a heritage based on a rich history of innovation and commitment to the highest quality standards, we reflect our position in the global business world.
A brief history of the company: Time travel

The story of our company began at the end of the 19th century, when the Nobel brothers laid the groundwork for a legacy that would last for many years in the Balakhani mines. It was the creation of the "Sabunchu Scientific Production and Machine Building" (SEIM) plant that was the beginning of a story based on quality, reliability and innovation.

Over the years, our experience has grown to cover various industries and today Polad Techno proudly manages the "SEIM" plant. While our roots are in the oilfield sector, we have also diversified to become a leading force in the construction and metallurgy sectors. Our commitment to innovation and excellence remains unwavering.

Our Core Values: Excellence, Quality and Sustainability

At Polad Techno, we are based on the values that determine the course of everything we do:

1. Excellence: We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work, from project specification, design, manufacturing and sales to customer service. Our goal is to lead the sector with successful collaborations, groundbreaking achievements and practical solutions with our partners.

2. Quality: Quality is the foundation of our success. We adhere to the strictest global quality standards to ensure the accuracy, reliability and durability of our products. We understand that high levels of quality, especially in critical industries such as oil and gas processing, construction and metallurgy, are not negotiated, but directly practiced.

3. Sustainability: We are committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Our practices offer modern solutions to benefit both the environment and your business, contributing to a greener and more responsible future.
Our services:

Steel Techno is more than a company; We look forward to working with you to achieve quality and sustainability.
Our services in various fields include:

Manufacturing of various types of pump units: We provide pump units designed for various industrial projects, ensuring efficient fluid transfer and handling.

Manufacturing Drilling and Lifting Equipment: Our equipment is designed to handle the toughest drilling and lifting jobs, and can keep your construction and industrial projects running smoothly.

A variety of oilfield equipment: We design and manufacture a wide range of oilfield equipment that guarantees the highest quality and reliability.

Assembly and maintenance of mobile units in the oil and gas industry: Our team offers superior solutions in the field of assembly and maintenance of mobile units, ensuring uninterrupted operations in the oil and gas sector.

Manufacturing a wide range of gears, pistons and spare parts: Our precision craftsmanship produces high quality gears, pistons and spare parts, we are at the forefront of manufacturing integral components for many sectors.

Fabrication and assembly of metal structures: We design and assemble metal structures with precision, adhering to the highest quality standards.

Precision Cutting Techniques: We offer cutting techniques such as plasma, scissors, laser and oxy-fuel cutting that ensure precise and efficient processing.

We are experienced in bending, heat treatment and metal stamping: Our expertise extends to bending, heat treatment and metal stamping, which are application-critical processes in many projects.

Trusted Partnership

When you partner with Polad Techno, you choose excellence, quality and durability. We are committed to building long-term relationships based on trust and reliability. Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn't end with the sale; we provide you with exceptional customer support at every step of your project.

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We have combined excellence with innovation. Contact us now to improve quality and productivity in the industry. Polad Techno is your loyal partner.