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It is designated for carrying out work on servicing (replacing, managing) well equipment with wireline tools.

The device is installed on the chassis of various cars. it includes hydrona-sos, hydraulic equipment and winch with control panel, oil drum, chassis and other equipment. The base of the device is divided into two parts by a partition: it consists of winch and operator divisions. In the winch division, a hydraulic winch with transmission is placed. In the black wall of the device, special chambers are built for the placement of the wellhead lubricator (lubricator) and other equipment. The centralized control post that controls both the winch and the vehicle engine is placed in the operator's compartment.

The throttle-regulated hydraulic transmission ensures smooth lowering and lifting speeds, installation and removal of drilling rigs, execution of impact operations, automatic continuous control of wire tension, and hydraulic braking of the winch drum during prolonged descents. The high speed of the lift allows to receive a large impulse when opening the valves, which allows them to be removed more quickly, in addition to saving time in conducting other well operations.

Səmərəli gücü, kVt


Xidmət dərinliyi, m


Nominal dartı qüvvəsi,kN


Qaldırma sürəti, m/s

0 - 12

Bucurğad barabanının 2.5mm diametrili

məftil üçün tutumu, m


Əndazə ölçüləri, mm


Ümumi çəki


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